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Every sip of Mon Doi Luang is like taking a mini-vacation to Chiang Mai. You can almost taste the sunshine on the beans, the crisp mountain air, and the dedication of the farmers who nurtured them. It's a sensory adventure that connects you to the land and the people behind your cup.


A Journey Through Terroir

The mountainous region surrounding Chiang Mai boasts ideal conditions for growing quality arabica coffee beans. Nutrition-rich soil, moderate temperatures, and ample rainfall create the perfect microclimate for cultivating flavorful coffee cherries.


  • Smooth and complex: Unlike the more intense Robusta coffees, Arabica beans grown in Chiang Mai offer a richer, smoother, more complex flavor experience.


  • Fruity and floral notes: The specific terroir of Chiangmai, with elevations and soil variations, influences the development of diverse flavor profiles. Expect hints of citrus, berries, and even floral notes like jasmine or lavender.


  • Balanced sweetness: Chiang Mai’s Arabica often showcases a subtle sweetness and richness, adding a delightful dimension to the flavor spectrum.

Unleash the Flavour of Nature

Mon Doi Luang Organic Coffee is not just a beverage; it's a movement. Our coffee is about aligning taste with wellbeing, embracing sustainability, and empowering local communities.

Imagine the rich aroma of organically grown beans, bursting with natural sweetness and subtle floral notes. Each cup tells a story of sun-kissed mountain slopes and meticulous hand-picking, where nature's bounty thrives without harmful chemicals. Organic coffee isn't just a drink; it's an experience – a taste of untainted terroir and the dedication of passionate farmers. Unleash the Flavors of Purity: Let's embark on a journey to awaken taste buds and connect with the earth, one sip at a time.

  • Healthier Choice: Organic coffee is grown without harmful pesticides and chemicals, ensuring consumers a cleaner, toxin-free brew. Its natural qualities also boast potential health benefits, appealing to the burgeoning wellness crowd.

  • Sustainable and Ethical: Organic agriculture promotes biodiversity, protects ecosystems, and supports fair wages for farmers. This resonates with the environmentally conscious Thai consumer who seeks ethical and sustainable choices.

  • Superior Taste: Grown amidst diverse ecosystems and lovingly cultivated, organic coffee beans develop unique flavor profiles. From floral notes to citrusy twists, expect a symphony of taste in every sip.

  • Supporting Local Farmers: Organic coffee empowers small-scale Chiang Mai farmers, fostering agricultural diversity and economic growth. Consumers get to directly connect with the source of their coffee, enriching their experience.



Sip Sustainably, Taste the Difference

Mon Doi Luang is committed to fair trade practices and sustainable sourcing. Support local communities, organic farms, and eco-conscious businesses while enjoying your cup of Joe. The appeal of shade-grown coffee goes beyond just a delicious cup. It's a multi-layered experience that resonates with those who care about taste, the environment, and supporting ethical practices. Here's why shade-grown coffee has become a buzzword in the coffee world:


1. Flavorful Symphony:

Unlike sun-grown coffee, where beans mature quickly and can produce harsh flavors, shade-grown beans mature slowly, developing complex and nuanced notes. Expect hints of fruit, chocolate, floral aromas, and a smooth, balanced acidity. It's a symphony of taste for discerning palates.


2. Eco-Warrior's Dream:

Shade-grown farms mimic natural forests, with diverse trees providing shade for the coffee plants. Shade-grown coffee farms tend to be more resilient to climate change, making them a sustainable choice for the future. This creates a thriving ecosystem that supports biodiversity, enhances soil health, and reduces the need for harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Every sip becomes a contribution to a healthier planet.


3. Ethical and Sustainable:

Many shade-grown farms are small-scale and family-run, ensuring fair wages and better livelihoods for farmers. These farms often prioritize organic practices and responsible land management, creating a sustainable model for coffee production. Your morning cup can come with a clear conscience.


4. Community Connection:

Shade-grown coffee farms often become hubs for local communities, providing valuable income and fostering cultural connection. By supporting these farms, you're directly contributing to the well-being of these communities and preserving their way of life.


5. A Story in Every Cup:

Each sip of shade-grown coffee carries a story – of the soil it grew in, the farmers who nurtured it, and the birds that sang amongst the trees. It's a reminder that your coffee choices have a ripple effect, connecting you to nature and people far beyond your cup.

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